What are we planning to do your roofs?
We would use the empty space on your rooftop to securely place solar panels to would produce electricity.
Can your roof take the load of the panels?
Yes, roofs can withstand the load of the panels. To ensure this, a structural engineer would make an assessment and decide how much load is possible.
But some days are so cloudy; will the power supply get affected?
No, your power supply would not be affected at all whether the Sun is out or not since there are two inputs of electricity, one from the panel and the other from the grid. The system continues to work seamlessly
Who will make sure the panels are installed correctly?
The team coming to your house will consist of professional installers and electrical engineers who are trained to conduct the work.
Will my existing electricity supply be affected?

Not at all, the existing supply of electricity from the grid works in harmony with the solar system. It is like two parallel roads, one coming from the solar system and the other from the grid, both bringing electricity independently.

Do the panels get affected during rain?
No, the panels are unaffected in the rain. Around the world there are over 33,000,000 panels that are working properly under all weather conditions. All wires are insulated properly.
Who can access the system?

Only authorized personnel can access the system to ensure safety. Children are unable to access the system on their own without permission.

How does the payment system work?

Since there are 2 sources of electricity now, the school pays separately for the grid and the solar system.

How is it possible that electricity from solar is cheaper?

This is a result of the advancement in technology of the solar panels. Moreover, there are no operating costs since Sun doesn’t charge any money for using its energy!

Will the system run during power cuts?

Yes, the solar system being independent, will continue to run even during power cuts.