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Design & Modules

Design Research

With limited resources at hand, the Becquer team tries to spend time on exploring, developing and prototyping technologies that are relevant to renewable energy and its greater adoption. About 5% of our financial resources are plowed into this area with a disciplined use of the resources available.

Green Heights

Is a concept developed that would act as a blueprint for buildings wanting to switch to a more sustainable design and operations, whether through a retrofit or a complete revamp. The concept focuses on the following areas of improvisation that in unison make a piece of infrastructure green:

here are several systems for rating how “green” a building is. The most widely used is the LEED green building rating system. Buildings earn points toward levels of certification depending on how many green features are included. The basic level is called certification. Buildings with additional green features can earn silver, gold or platinum ratings.

High Voltage Testing on Insulators

The ever increasing in demand in urbanization and industrialization has let to a tremendous pressure on the power sector to maintain reliability with lesser transmission and distribution losses. Thus, the preference for high voltage has been increasing.This project focused on the testing and studying the behaviour of insulators and insulation, when subjected to high voltage.

Assembly Testing

As the components of a solar system are configured in different ways, there is a difference in their performance, when measured for efficiency and probability of failure. The different configurations can be for the panel arrangement, i.e. in series versus in parallel, or the use of charge controllers for battery charging versus direct connect to DC loads. To understand some of our test results, please download the following document:

Mini Modules

Becquer Modules are targeted at both large scale utility projects and medium sized projects. They are made in tier 1 or tier 2 quality grade as required by the developer. The primary objective of each variant of the panel is to ensure maximum space efficiency and durability in a wide range of operating conditions. Please refer to the table below for the key metrics of each variant and how they compare against each other:

Key Indicators Becquer 285 Becquer 300 Becquer 320 Becquer 340 Advantage of Becquer
Power Rating at STC W 285W 300w 320W 340W Less modules, BOS and labour time needed
Module Efficiency 17.40% 15.54% 16.58% 16.90% More power and energy output per module
Power-Space Efficiency W/metre square 172.72 155.44 165.80 170.00 Less modules, BOS and labour time needed
Maximum System Voltage 1000 V 1000 V 1000 V 1000-1500 V Industry Standard V

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