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Meet Our Team

Matters and relations with the industry and trade houses. She is currently working with the Ministry of Skill Development for policy formulation for establishing a Centre driven apprenticeship model across the sectors of the industry. She is also a special invitee member of the CII Delhi State Council. She has over 30 years of experience in the Indian textile industry as a board member of the Ministry of Textiles. Alongside, she worked with the World Bank as an expert on sustainable social development, with UNIDO as a consultant on cluster development and with UNDP on supply chain development. Given her passion for teaching, she has been a visiting professor at NIFT and Pearl Academy of Fashion where she was also the chief consultant for brand development. Her most recent assignments have been with KPMG and PwC on industry compliance. She’s a regular invitee to panels of CII, FICCI & National Jury on Fashion. She is an economic honors from Lady Shri Ram College followed by a post graduate professional program in marketing from IIM Ahmedabad.

Sambhav, who has laid the foundation of this organization 4 years back, is leading the overall efforts at Becquer to manage customer acquisition, market requirements and pricing. He is a computer engineer from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Prior to this, he has worked with Procter & Gamble, Citibank and with the Volkswagen Group, the world’s largest automaker. He is a qualified solar systems engineer and designer for residential, commercial and industrial uses, and has had a long standing interest in renewable energy. During the first year of college, he worked on a proposal for a German government funded organization that would deploy solar powered hubs for addressing the low to medium energy needs of villages in Rajasthan, the state in India endowed with the maximum solar power. Apart from leading his university’s privilege scheme project as the Students’ Union director, he was also one of the delegates representing India at the 18th Youth Assembly at the United Nations in 2016..

Dhruv is a mechanical engineer from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. He is mainly leading the logistics and supply chain topics at Becquer. For over 3 years, he has been working with the world’s leading manufacturer of solar panels, REC and has a track record of preparing and executing project plans, and ensuring that work is carried out in accordance with the company’s / client’s procedures & satisfaction. He is known to have outstanding leadership and problem solving abilities. At a personal level, his main aim is to make a difference to his employers while following the highest standards of personal ethics and corporate governance and to develop high level of professional acumen in project management and business development.

Gowthami is to go to person for all electrical engineering work. She is an electrical engineer from India and is a highly hands-on person who manages project execution at the sites. Her expertise ranges from plumbing, electrical architecture and installation of solar systems. She is trained on power electronics, SCADA and other power generation topics. She is leading the efforts to train local teams to do installation of the solar heaters from an electrical, structural and plumbing angle.

Footprint of Becquer

Becquer has its foundation in Singapore with operations in 14 states in India with the fortune 500 firms like Amazon, Walmart(flipkart), Texas Instruments, AM/NS, Grupo Bimbo(Harvest Gold), Piramal, Lumax auto, Toyota, Coldman, Luve group, MAN, Ddecor, Alltime plastic, Frontier polymers, JOPP auto, JRG Sanko Sankei, Mahindra, Organic India, and Otis elevators. Our founders had infact represented India at the United Nations during the launch of sustainable goals for clean energy globally.

Foundation of Brand Becquer

Becquer Energy is a private sector solar rooftop hardware developer company, founded in Singapore after its founder was invited to the United Nations Assembly on Sustainable Development Goals where all member nations have agreed to achieve clean energy for their consumption.In India, its team addresses the market for solar rooftop hardware systems, solar modules, heaters and has a project arm called Factory, that designs, installs and maintains solar systems for houses, factories and institutions.

The company consists primarily of engineers schooled in the entire spectrum from mechanical to electrical to economics and finance. They have previously worked in manufacturing firms like Audi , Volkswagen and consumer goods firms like P&G. The pan-India operations of Becquer, have been financed by DBS (Development Bank of Singapore) , Citibank N.A and Bank of Baroda. Its board consists of members who have designed the National Apprenticeship Program for the Government of India, that is very crucial for new sectors like renewable energy to flourish.

It has recently been recognized as the “Most Promising Brands” of 2018 by Economic Times in the energy category , that belongs to the most circulated newspaper, The Times of India.

Operation & Execution

Construction Sites

Reduce your diesel consumption by switching some portion of your construction and sales power demand to solar assets and reduce your overall power cost.

Concrete Roofs

Your Concrete roofs can be used to place light weight,neat looking movable non-puncture solar panels that looks like furniture.

Elevated Sheets

Use a solar shed to generate electricity and provide a sun shade for the cars below. This allows the shed to be used for a dual purpose.

Technical Vision

After installation, your solar rooftop hardware can be safe with the technology used by Becquer.

Proper Maintenance

After installation, we do make sure that there is no power generation gap with the help of proper cleaning & maintenance.

Safety is Priority

Becquer always sets safety as a priority, and to our team, it is always another item on the to-do list.

Electrical & Electronics

Proper Cable Selection

Depending on the voltage regulation and short circuit rating, Becquer uses the proper cables and equipment.

Proper Inverter Mounting

Either the inverters can be mounted on a vertical surface or on a horizontal surface, but every time we do make sure of accurate and safe mounting.

Inbuild Data Logger

We use inverters with built-in data loggers. As a result, anyone can keep track of the environmental parameters easily.

Remote Monitoring

After installation you can track how the hardware is working along with the problem solving ability from anywhere in the globe.

Proper Cable Routing

During cable routing, we always maintain the crossing of the cable at the right angle using a proper cable tray and other equipment.

Proficiency in Installation

Becquer always believe in keep the things in a organization and professional way with their each working module.


Level 35, The Gateway, 150 Beach Road, Singapore,189720


Becquer Energy India Pvt. Ltd. ( A Becquer Energy Company) Level 8, Tower 2B, One World Centre, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai, 400013

Becquer Malaysia Sdn Bhd,D-8-3A, Menera Suezcap 1, KL Gateway, Kualalumpur,59200

Economic Times India’s 50 Most Promising Brands
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